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"The World Lymphedema Day" Meeting




Venue;Tokyo Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower 25F

              Chuo-ku,Nihonbashi,Muromachi 2-1-1

 by;Lymph Cafe

 Mr.Tabata, the representative of "Lympha Cafe"


Although all the lectures and discussion will be performed in Japanese

and no simultaneous interpretation is available, I redommend the non-Japanese patients

to participate.  Some staffs and attendants will help you with language.
How about finding friends who have similar experience ?!



Lymphatic Education & Research Network(LE&RN)   の働きかけによるものです。



○Medical Staffs:¥6,000(企業個人参加も含む)
○General: ¥1,000
○Students :¥1,000
Please pay charges at the site in cash.
Start     12:30~
Lecture ①  12:35〜13:15 
Lebture ②  13:30〜14:15
Talks&discussion 14:45〜15:55
Close       15:55〜16:00
──Consultation and Exhibition─┐


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Date & time; 2019 January 11th(Fri.), 16:00 ~17:30

Venue; Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Tokyo Gaikokugo Daigaku)

Free of charge

 He was diagnosed with testicular cancer (stage III) in 2007 and underwent surgery

and chemotherapy. Although the cancer treatment was successful, he suffered from interstitial pneumonia as a complication. He was lucky to survive, but lost 1/3 of his lung function.
Though his hobby was long distance marathon,he could not even cross a street during green light.

However he never gave up.

He re-started training already in 2009 and after 7 years struggle he finally made a new
personal record in 100km marathon!
Despite  "Goldman Sachs" ,where he was then working for, accepted his come-back, he left the company and established a NPO "5 years" to support cancer survivors and their families.
He always emphasizes there will be chances no matter how tough the confronting situation may be!