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No matter how stressful the situation may be,
you can make your life bright again !

My best friend, Mr.Okubo is going to give a lecture on his

unique experience of cancer treatment and recovery.


Date & time; 2019 January 11th(Fri.), 16:00 ~17:30

Venue; Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

             (Tokyo Gaikokugo Daigaku)

             Prometheus Hall
Free of charge
No pre-registration is required !


He was diagnosed with testicular cancer (stage III)

in 2007 and underwent surgery and chemotherapy.
Although the cancer treatment was successful, he suffered 
from interstitial pneumonia as a complication.
He was lucky to survive, but lost 1/3 of his lung function.
Though his hobby was long distance marathon,
he could not even cross a street during green light.

However he never gave up.

He re-started training already in 2009 and after 7 years struggle
he finally made a new personal record in 100km marathon!


 Despite  "Goldman Sachs" ,where he was then working for, 
accepted his come-back, he left the company and established a NPO "5 years" to support cancer survivors
and their families.

He always emphasizes there will be chances no matter how tough the confronting situation may be! 

I recommend English speaking cancer survivors living in Japan
to come and listen this lecture. His speech is going to be given in Japanese, however
simultaneous interpretation in English is provided by the TUFS students. 
Please come and listen and feel happy ! (and evaluate students works)


If you need further information, feel free 

e-mail to nice6930@lymphalets.biz


or tufsinterpreting0111@gmail.com